WCU Alert Instructions

WCU Student, Faculty, or Staff

If you are a WCU Student, Faculty, or Staff member you can access your account from the Students/Faculty/Staff photo on the WCU Alert page.

  1. Your username and password are the same as your WCU account.
    Enter your WCU username in the username box. Enter your WCU password in the password box. Press login. Opportunity for help and reset a forgotten password below the login button.
  2. The Services page contains your account information.
    • The date your service will expire
      Expiration date information
    • SMS Numbers
      Mobile phone number information (number, carrier, make inactive, or delete). Also boxes to add a new mobile number with carrier.
  3. To add a new phone number, type the number into the corresponding box and select the carrier from the drop down list.
  4. Click Add new
  5. Add the Validation code that was sent to the number and click Validate. Follow the instructions if a validation code was not received.
    Message: This SMS number is unvalidated. A validation code has been sent to this SMS number. You must enter that code  before this number will be active. If you did not receive this message, try resending. Please consult this article for more information. Next, the image shows a textbox for the validation code along with a button for validate and a button for resend.
  6. To delete a number click on the Delete option located to the right of the number.
  7. To add an additional email address, type in the new address and Click Add new.
    Email address information including the ability to add a new email address.
  8. Follow the instructions to validate the email address.
    Message: This email address is unvalidated A validation email has been sent to this email address. You must reply to before this email address will be active. If you did not receive this email yet, try resending. Set your spam filter to allow emails from validate@email.omnilert.net. Next there is a button to resend and a box to add a new email address.
  9. To delete an email address click on the Delete option located to the right of the email address

Community and Parent Sign-up

If you do not have an account and wish to create one go to the Account Sign Up page.

  1. Click on Sign Up on the menu bar to create a new account.
    At the top and right side of the screen is a sign up link.
  2. Fill out the form and click Create
    Sign up form
    Optional groups including priority 1 emergency alerts, timely warnings, weather related notifications (all checked); Philadelphia location (unchecked) and WCU at DCCC (unchecked). Checkbox for agreement with terms and a button to create an account.
  3. Enter your information.
  4. Click on Groups to Subscribe and Unsubscribe to groups.

Change Alerts Received Through Groups

  1.  To subscribe or unsubscribe to selected groups click on the Groups tab on the top menu bar.
    Menu bar showing Omnilert on the left and links for services, groups (circled) and log out on the right.
  2. Click Unsubscribe or Subscribe next to the corresponding group.
    Showing groups to which the user is currently subscribed. On the left are titles of different groups that the user is subscribed to. In the middle column are descriptions for each group. In the right column are buttons to unsubscribe to notifications for those groups.
    List of groups to subscribe to. The left column has titles of the groups. The middle column has a description for each group. On the right side are buttons to subscribe to each group.